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2010 :Overdrive

Camera Operation

2008 :Help Me, Save Me

Video Editor

2010 : Showreel

Showreel 2010 from Kevin McMullin on Vimeo.

The Credits List

a nearly complete list of all the productions I've worked on.

Year Title For... Role
2010 Overdrive M&W Productions Producer/Director
2010 Chinese New Year : Live Glam TV Director / Vision Mixer
2009 My Life : My Dad in Prison Boomerang+ / BBC Production Assistant
2009 Message Rashid Khan Camera
2009 The Building With No Name Hubbub Editor
2009 Finding David University of Glamorgan Director
2009 Supply Chain Wales 2009 UGCS Camera, Edit
2009 Project Management Wales 2009 UGCS Camera, Edit
2008 Wheelnuts at Wales Rally GB Wheelnuts Camera, Edit
2008 Wheelnuts Stage Guide : Walter's Arena Wheelnuts Camera, Edit
2008 4-10 TV : Four Minutes, Ten Questions 4-10 Motorsport Camera, Sound, Editing
2008 4-10 TV : Karting 4-10 Motorsport Camera, Mini Cams, Commentary, Editing, Graphics
2008 Help Me, Save Me Cut! Film Competition Camera
2007 Feel Good FM, TV Advert Ulrich Wehner/ University of Glamorgan Camera, Sound, Lighting, Director
2007 The Man With the Flower in his Mouth Glam TV Camera, Sound, Director
2007 Timmy Trotter and the Unexpected Onion Glam TV Pyrotechnics, Sound
2007 Have you got news for me? Glam TV Vision Mixer, Director
2007 Quarterblind : Call to the Masses University of Glamorgan Lighting Camera
2007 Quarterblind University of Glamorgan Camera, Editing, Producer
2006 The Race Glam TV Editing, Mini Cams, Production
2005 Birkett Relay University of Glamorgan Camera, Editing
2005 Glam TV News Glam TV Sound, Director
2004 Afternoon of the Polymorph Glam TV Camera, Sound Lighting, Visual Effects

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