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Personal Statement

I am an enthusiastic, versatile and well organised individual who works well as part of a team or on my own initiative. I was formally trained as a sound engineer but I have gained experience in many other roles via Glam TV; Wales' first Student TV station, which I co- founded in 2004.

Filming Skills

- Camera Operation
- Grip
- Vision Mixing
- Boom Operation
- Sound Mixing
- Video Editing
- Lighting operation and rigging
- Visual Effects
- Special effects
- Camera Tracking
- Post Production

Specialist Subjects: Music and Motorsports/motoring

ABRSM Grade 5 in Music theory and Grade 7 in French Horn, BSc Hons in Music technology and multiple orchestral (and solo!) concerts

6 years + experience of working trackside and in the pits at motorsport meetings as a marshal, written articles on the WRC for various blogs and forums (and lots of videos too!)

Strangest thing ever asked to do in a production

Blowing up an onion for an effects shot was quite possibly the strangest thing I've ever done in a film. We achieved it using some theatrical pyrotechnics (for safety purposes) and... well, some onions. The result was spectacular, but terminal for the involved vegetable. The video below is one of the test shots we did (which is why the cables aren't hidden and the quality is a bit low)

Most technically demanding production

"Message" by Rashid Khan was very demanding - unfamiliar camera, lots of running around, and tracking shots indoors. And they asked me if I could blow up a bus (NO!)
Live productions are always demanding, but the most demanding production that I've come up with myself was "R.S.T-UK" - a motorsport magazine programme... Studio mixed with pre-filmed inserts, a crew that was far too small (Thank you Ulrich, Dave, Tim, and Matt), and hours of editing, graphics design, script writing, dressing up in silly costumes, news gathering to create a half hour programme. And it all worked!

My favourite

Car - Jaguar D-Type Longnose. In British Racing Green please.
Film - "James Bond", "Le Mans", Practically anything by Pixar and Aardman
Television - "Top Gear", "James May's Toy Stories", Science and Technology documentaries and ...um... "Springwatch"
Sports - Motorsports, Ice hockey, Downhill and Slalom Skiing, Skier-cross and curling. This list should help explain a lot about me.
Music - Bit of everything that isn't heavy metal.
Way to relax - Kayaking or skiing.


McMullin Family History : My Parent's Genealogy Site
Ulrich Wehner, Sound recordist and composer. Handy chap to have around.
Step2Collabo a very useful site indeed.
My Youtube Channel My Vimeo Channel

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