What can I do for you? Here's some of the things I can offer your production, or if you want a complete production, why not check out the M&W (McMullin & Wehner) Productions page?


Specialising in Cars, Motorsport, and Music [yup, it's a bit of a mix!], I use my years of experience working around the UK's racetracks and involvement in music to bring motorsport action and top musical performance to the screen. I've also filmed drama, live events, conferences and sports including field hockey, Football, and Rugby.

Camera Operation

Competent with many professional DV and production cameras, including Sony Z5 and Panasonic HDX-400. Also use specialist "On Board" camera systems for Point Of View shots. So far I've used the on board systems on many cars, motorcycles, strapped to drum kits for unusual angles, to skiing helmets for winter sports... The possibilities are endless.

Sound Operation

Experienced sound mixer and boom operator. BSc Hons in Music Technology.

Video Editor

Very experienced with Final Cut Pro - all the videos on this site are edited with FCP, I've also used other Non Linear editing systems including Adobe Premier Pro


With presenters, voice over artists, actors, composers...


I'm always up for a new challenge, skills that I've added include Vision Mixing, Studio Lighting, Production Support, Graphics design, Chief cook and bottlewash...*

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